BKA sees danger to internal security – RT DE

24 Sep 2022 4:58 p.m The Federal Criminal Police Office warns that inflation and high energy prices could lead to dissatisfaction among the population and thus have a negative impact on the security situation in Germany. The authority expects demonstrations and criminal offenses by right-wing and left-wing extremists and Islamists. According to the Federal Criminal […]

No Russophobia in Germany? BKA registers hundreds of attacks on Russians in Germany — RT DE

20 Apr 2022 06:30 am In the context of the Ukraine war, hundreds of attacks in the form of threats, insults and damage to property occur every week in Germany, “mostly directed against members of our society of Russian origin, but also against members of Ukrainian origin,” according to BKA President Holger Münch. As the […]

BKA reports 200 Ukraine-related crimes per week, majority anti-Russian motivated — RT DE

28 mar 2022 4:24 p.m Because of the Ukraine war, people with Russian roots in Germany sometimes experience severe hostility and physical abuse. The Russian embassy set up a reporting office for cases of discrimination. According to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) in Germany, the Russian military operation in Ukraine is causing an increase […]

BKA records 9,000 politically motivated crimes “related to Corona” in 2021 — RT DE

28 mar 2022 10:01 am According to the head of the Federal Criminal Police Office, the perpetrators are less concerned with individual corona measures than with the question of “whether this democratic constitutional state is the right system”. Issues such as climate change could represent future areas of crime. According to the latest statements by […]