Vip, Vip, Hurray !: Laura Müller creams as "sexy wife" away

Why is Spotify wondering about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Is Britney Spears really already 40 years old? And what do the Wendlers do on a platform for eroticism? “Vip, Vip, Hooray!”, The weekly celebrity review is here. What a brilliant career they had before them! Own TV documentary, advertising deals, appearances at prime time. […]

To "incredible weekend": Britney Spears floats up "cloud seven"

An evening in the “most beautiful restaurant”, the “first glass of champagne”: Britney Spears enjoys her newfound freedom. On Instagram, the singer shares her luck with her fans and thanks her lawyer who “turned her life upside down”. For Britney Spears, the first few days after her guardianship ended were, in her own words, an […]