Tight controls in Italy: 280 doctors and nurses work without vaccination

There has been massive criticism in advance of the mandatory vaccination in the health sector in Italy. Many layoffs are warned. Controls by Italian investigators, on the other hand, show that almost 300 employees work even though they are not vaccinated. A large number of them are even suspended. Special investigators of the Italian police […]

Alarming prognosis for 2030: the shortage of nurses threatens to worsen

According to the Barmer health insurance, Germany is currently well on the way to getting into a precarious nursing emergency. Only consistent political reforms could remedy this. This is about more attractive training. According to a study, the shortage of nursing staff in Germany threatens to worsen. By 2030, around 182,000 additional workers are likely […]

"Before Christmas": Heil wants quick vaccination for clinics and homes

The traffic light parties are on course for mandatory vaccination in hospitals and homes. Labor Minister Heil wants to get this wrapped up as quickly as possible and before Christmas. He has a clear opinion about people in the spotlight like professional athletes and whether they should get vaccinated. In the debate about mandatory vaccinations, […]

Overloaded intensive care units: DIVI sees the corona situation "not under control"

The intensive care units keep filling up due to the many seriously ill corona patients. If it continues like this, general health care will no longer be available at the usual level, warns the intensive care medicine association DIVI. The situation in the clinics is coming to a head: In many places, the intensive care […]

Hospital society is pushing: Gaß calls for job-related vaccination

The traffic light parties are still divided on the introduction of a job-related vaccination requirement. The chairman of the hospital company Gass is now pushing for a “quick and clear decision”, especially in the health sector. The situation worsens with every corona intensive case. The German Hospital Association urges the rapid introduction of a job-related […]

3G in public transport and at work: traffic light summarizes Corona plans more specifically

Before the meeting of the prime ministers tomorrow, Thursday, the plans of the traffic light parties to combat the corona pandemic will be more concrete. There are enough construction sites in view of the high number of infections, especially the sluggish booster vaccination campaign has been criticized. With regard to the future Corona regulations, the […]