Local elections in Saxony: CDU dominates district elections – "blue wonder" Stay off

In Saxony, the elections for new mayors and district administrators were held on Sunday. Around 400 candidates were on the ballot papers for the 185 mayoral elections. Noisy According to the MDR, incumbents from the CDU defended their posts in northern Saxony, the district of Leipzig and the district of Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains. After […]

CDU and Greens vote for coalition negotiations in NRW — RT DE

29 May 2022 19:27 There are signs of a black-green coalition in North Rhine-Westphalia. The CDU and the Greens have spoken out in favor of starting coalition negotiations. Black-Green in Germany’s most populous state could be a pointer to future coalitions at the federal level. Source: www.globallookpress.com © IMAGO/Piero Nigro / aal.photo In North Rhine-Westphalia, […]

NRW election winner CDU squints at black-green – SPD still hopes for traffic lights – RT DE

The most important election of the year, the vote in North Rhine-Westphalia, has two winners: Prime Minister Wüst’s CDU is asserting itself as the strongest force, and the Greens are gaining ground. The evening of the election was very sobering for the SPD and FDP. What consequences will there be in Berlin? After Prime Minister […]

Federal government wants to limit unconstitutional Hartz sanctions – CDU finds this lacking in solidarity – RT DE

The traffic light coalition is aiming for a relaxation of the Hartz IV sanctions, which have long been classified as unconstitutional. During the first reading in the Bundestag, it became apparent that the opposition could hardly offer more varied criticism of the change. The federal government wants to temporarily suspend the sanctions for “breaches of […]

CDU triumphs – debacle for SPD — RT DE

After a series of electoral defeats at federal and state level, the CDU is now triumphing in Schleswig-Holstein – thanks in particular to the previous Prime Minister Daniel Günther. The SPD collapses completely. Now Günther is enough to govern with just one partner – who will it be? Triumph for the Union, fiasco for the […]

Berlin CDU wants to melt down and sell Thälmann monument – proceeds to go to Ukraine — RT DE

23 mar 2022 2:34 p.m Berlin CDU politician David Paul submitted a motion to Pankow’s district assembly (BVV) on Wednesday, demanding that the Thälmann monument be melted down and the value of the material donated to Ukraine. The CDU deputy in the District Assembly (BVV) of Pankow, David Paul, with the support of his party, […]

CDU wants to melt down Thälmann monument and donate proceeds to Ukrainian aid projects — RT DE

22 mar 2022 8:20 p.m The memorial to the KPD chairman Ernst Thälmann, who was murdered by the Nazis, has been a thorn in the side of some since reunification. The Ukraine war now offers local Christian Democrat politicians an opportunity to once again call for demolition. According to media reports, the CDU parliamentary group […]