"FFF"-Activists disappointed: Blasel: SPD and FDP without climate protection ideas

Of the possible traffic light coalition only the Greens have effective ideas in terms of climate protection, activists from “Fridays for Future” criticize the exploratory paper. Hardly any ideas come from the SPD and FDP and the Greens seem to deviate from a former red line. The “Fridays for Future” activist and Green Party candidate […]

Climate protection festival in Stockholm: Greta dances and sings "Never gonna give you up"

She is an icon of the global climate movement, was a speaker at the UN climate summit and she is full of surprises – Greta Thunberg inspires fans in Stockholm when she sings and sings Rick Astley’s number one hit “Never gonna give you up” together with another climate activist dance to it. Nobody expected […]

Expressiveness "restricted": Report: Germany could miss climate targets

Following the ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court, the government is tightening the Climate Protection Act. But a new report by the Ministry of the Environment shows that Germany would miss these goals with the existing measures. However, there are some gaps in the projection. The “Projection Report 2021” on the expected climate protection progress […]

the "Sharpest teeth" drawn: contortions in climate protection under the traffic light

It is probably the greatest challenge facing the future federal government: climate protection. At the same time, the Greens and the FDP traditionally rely on different means. The exploratory paper shows the willingness to work together. However, environmental experts are critical of the compromises. Of the many challenges facing a red-green-yellow alliance, climate protection is […]

alternative "even worse": Study: Sea level also rises at 1.5 degrees

With the setting of the 1.5 degree target in the Paris Climate Agreement, the consequences of climate change should be kept to a minimum. But a new study shows: Even with this warming, there could be a “destructive rise in sea level”. Even if mankind were to reach their 1.5 degree goal in the fight […]

Blockages "not helpful": Prince Charles criticizes climate protesters

Shortly before the UN climate conference, Prince Charles shows understanding for young climate protesters, but he also criticizes their actions harshly. The British heir to the throne thinks that roadblocks are the wrong way to go and that activists should better use their frustration in a constructive way. Prince Charles has shown understanding for climate […]

Researchers call for redistribution: "Climate policy can be socially just"

CO2 pricing is one of the most efficient climate policy instruments – but it represents a much higher burden for poor families than for high-income people. Two research institutes believe they have found a solution to this problem. The Leibniz Institute for Economic Research RWI and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) use […]

Urgent appeal to traffic lights: Group alliance insists on more climate protection

From Deutsche Post to Adidas: “The Decade of Action” begins for almost 70 companies. At the beginning of the explorations between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP, they are calling for a much more sustainable policy. Climate protection should become a trademark of the German economy. At the start of the exploratory negotiations in […]