Interview with virologist Streeck: "Vaccine breakthroughs are nothing to worry about"

There are currently more reports of people who get Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated. “That is something that you can count on,” says the virologist Hendrik Streeck. In an interview with ntv, he reveals how he believes the pandemic will continue in the next few months. ntv: Health Minister Spahn has announced an end to […]

19 Corona infected people after celebration: outbreaks like in Berghain "normality"

Despite the consistent enforcement of the 2G rule, 19 people become infected with the corona virus at the opening party in Berghain. It is not the first such incident in the capital. Such risks are acceptable to the Association of Berlin Club Operators. He advocates further easing. After the Corona outbreak in the Berlin techno […]

"Difficult months still ahead of us": Countries are warning of the end of the corona emergency

Federal Minister of Health Spahn wants to end the emergency at the end of November. The decision on further pandemic measures is then again in the hands of the federal states. However, they urge caution – a patchwork of regulations is dangerous. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn continues to meet with a mixed response […]

After extensive easing: Corona numbers are increasing sharply in the Netherlands

No minimum distance and less mask: three weeks after the Dutch easing, the number of cases is skyrocketing. The health institute sees a direct connection. Meanwhile, the British have reported the most corona deaths since March. The sharp increase in corona infections and patient numbers in hospitals in the Netherlands continues. In the past seven […]

Criticism of Spahn’s initiative: patient advocates want to maintain an emergency

The epidemic situation is currently the legal basis for corona measures. Federal Minister of Health Spahn calls for their abolition. In addition to the German Foundation for Patient Protection, one federal state is particularly skeptical. The German Foundation for Patient Protection has sharply criticized the move by Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn to end the […]

Corona numbers will rise: Virologist does not expect a strong flu season

In the coming weeks, the corona will worsen again. This is what the Munich virologist Keppler assumes. However, he believes the current measures to combat the pandemic are likely to be sufficient to avoid new restrictions. The at best mild increase in corona infections this autumn is expected to accelerate considerably in the next few […]

Value over 500 in eight circles: the incidence is rising particularly in adolescents

The nationwide incidence has remained stable in the last few days – relative to the total population. With young people, however, the picture is different. The numbers are increasing rapidly, especially among 10 to 19 year olds. In eight counties, the seven-day incidence is even over 500. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) registers a particularly […]