Putin advocates north-south corridor in Eurasia — RT EN

The sixth summit of the Caspian Sea countries began in Turkmenistan on Wednesday, after the BRICS countries held their 14th video conference last week. Russian President Putin personally attended the meeting in Ashkhabad. On Wednesday afternoon in the capital of Turkmenistan Ashkhabad the 6th Summit of the Caspian Coastal States began. Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan […]

“When does an escape corridor open?” Azov regiment presents civilians in “Azov Steel” bunker — RT EN

24 Apr 2022 9:51 pm In a video, the nationalist Azov regiment of the Ukrainian armed forces showed several dozen civilians in a safe bomb shelter of the surrounded “Azov-Stahl” metallurgical plant. They talked to the camera as if there were no evacuation options for them. On Saturday, the YouTube channel “Azov-Media” posted a 10-minute […]

Humanitarian Corridor for Surrendering Ukrainian Troops at Azov Steel Metallurgical Plant — RT DE

19 Apr 2022 3:57 pm On Tuesday, Russia again proposed to the Ukrainian troops, who were surrounded in the Azov-Steel metallurgical plant, that they surrender. A humanitarian corridor was opened. All fighting is said to have stopped. Russian forces on Tuesday reopened a humanitarian corridor for the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops and Nazi militants who […]