Internal chat group from Bavaria: AfD politicians should be from "Civil war" have spoken

The Bavarian AfD comes under heavy pressure because of the radical content of an internal chat group. The Telegram group has more than 250 members, including parts of the state executive. Bavaria’s Interior Minister Herrmann sees it as new arguments for monitoring the protection of the constitution. The Bavarian AfD comes under massive pressure because […]

RTL / ntv trend barometer: Merkel remains the most popular politician ahead of Scholz

While there is no movement among the parties, the weeks after the general election swirled up the political ranking. At the end of her term of office, the outgoing Chancellor once again clearly gained in reputation. But the newcomers of the month are Klingbeil and Lauterbach. If everything goes according to plan, Angela Merkel will […]

Also because of the Omikron variant: Söder wants to expand vaccination law quickly

The Corona crisis team should start in the next few days. Bayern boss Söder would rather see that pharmacists, nurses and all doctors are allowed to vaccinate as soon as possible – also because of the Omikron variant. The CSU politician is skeptical of the new body for another reason. In view of the dramatic […]

Attacks against the FDP: The "Left-yellow"-The Union’s polemics are embarrassing

There will still be enough occasions for the Union to criticize the traffic light coalition. To invent a dirty name even before the formation of the new federal government is ridiculous. After the publication of the coalition agreement of the traffic light parties, it was that time again. Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus spoke of […]

The upcoming Chancellor and Corona: From now on it’s Olaf Scholz’s crisis

With the passing of the Infection Protection Act by the Federal Council, the upcoming traffic light government has taken the lead in fighting pandemics. The future Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, is responsible for the worst of all corona waves to date. Hundreds of corona deaths every day, maybe a thousand and more; the use of triage […]

Success for Sauter and Nüßlein: OLG: No bribery in mask deals

Because of lucrative mask deals, the CSU politicians Sauter and Nüßlein are suspected of corruption, and there is great outrage about their pursuit of profit in the middle of the pandemic. Now the OLG Munich makes it clear: The judges do not see any bribery in the case. In the affair of controversial business with […]

Traffic light bill: A deep corona trench is revealed in the Bundestag

The Bundestag passes changes to the Infection Protection Act with a majority of the traffic light parties. The debate shows how deep the rift has become in the Corona course. There is not even a consensus on what is actually being voted on. After a partially heated debate, the Bundestag, with a majority of the […]