Simplified deportations: Belarus border: EU wants to suspend asylum rules

For months now, thousands have been waiting on the border between Belarus and Poland. The EU Commission therefore proposes examining asylum applications there and at the same time facilitating deportations. This meets with clear rejection among human rights activists. In view of the situation on the border with Belarus, the EU wants to allow the […]

Partly not in conformity with the constitution: Poland criticizes the EU human rights convention

In the conflict with the EU about the value of national and European rights, Poland is stepping up: the constitutional court declares parts of the EU human rights convention to be incompatible with the national constitution. The EU is concerned about the ruling. But there is also criticism in the country. According to the Constitutional […]

Tough stance on migration issues: "Poland’s government benefits from the border conflict"

The conflict on the border with Belarus is escalating. But the Polish government benefits “at least in the short term,” as the head of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation does in Warsaw, David Gregosz, explains in an interview. Finally, the topic overrides domestic political problems such as inflation or the dispute over abortion law. In addition, […]

Violation of EU law: ECJ: Another part of the Polish judicial reform inadmissible

In the past, the European Court of Justice declared several parts of the Polish judicial reform inadmissible. Now the judges are objecting to a further regulation that affects the power of the Minister of Justice. It is also incompatible with EU law, according to Luxembourg. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has once again declared […]

EU prepares sanctions: Poland accuses Belarus of state terrorism

People starve, freeze and die in the forests on the Polish-Belarusian border. You traveled there with the support of the government in Belarus, is the allegation from the EU. The UN Security Council is dealing with the situation, and Chancellor Merkel is calling for a “humane solution”. In view of the increasing number of people […]

RTL / ntv trend barometer: Migration issue in the case of Belarus divides Germany

Around half of Germans are in favor of accepting migrants from the Belarusian-Polish border area, just as many reject this. Across the political camps, the understanding of the Polish barrier measures prevails. Germany is divided on the question of whether the Federal Republic should accept some of the migrants from the Polish-Belarusian border. In a […]

"Stand by your side in solidarity": Austria wants to help Poland on the border

Austria’s Interior Minister Nehammer calls for EU aid to secure the border with Belarus and at the same time offers Poland support from Vienna. Apparently, Austria can even envision an on-site deployment. In view of the influx of thousands of migrants on the Polish border with Belarus, Austria has offered Poland help with border protection. […]