Brussels tops list: EU threatens airlines to help smugglers

The Belarusian ruler Lukashenko smuggles refugees to the EU’s external border by plane. So that people are no longer the pawn in conflicts in the future, Brussels wants to expand the sanction options. Companies that help face sanctions. In connection with the refugee conflict with Belarus, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has spoken […]

Return flight to Iraq planned: first migrants leave Belarusian border

Thousands of refugees are currently stuck in camps on the Belarusian-Polish border. Tomorrow, Thursday, the first flight will bring 170 Iraqis from Belarus back to their homeland. Minsk also sends buses to take people from the overcrowded camps to other places. The first flight with Iraqi migrants from Belarus back to their homeland is scheduled […]

Tough stance on migration issues: "Poland’s government benefits from the border conflict"

The conflict on the border with Belarus is escalating. But the Polish government benefits “at least in the short term,” as the head of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation does in Warsaw, David Gregosz, explains in an interview. Finally, the topic overrides domestic political problems such as inflation or the dispute over abortion law. In addition, […]

Belarus is said to have damaged the fence: Poland uses water cannons at the border

The situation is worsening in the border area between Poland and Belarus. Belarusian security forces reportedly damaged the border fence during the night to allow migrants to cross illegally. A few hours later, Polish border officials used water cannons against the refugees. On the border between Belarus and Poland, the situation has escalated to the […]

Does Lukashenko give in ?: Belarus: Work on the return of migrants

In the border dispute with the EU, Belarus leader Lukashenko has adopted a diplomatic tone. His country is trying to make migrants travel to their home countries palatable. But “nobody wants to return,” asserts the head of state. Meanwhile, the EU is discussing new sanctions. According to the ruler Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus is trying to […]

Refugee dispute with Minsk: Iraq wants to bring migrants back from Belarus

In the freezing cold, thousands of refugees are waiting in the border area between Poland and Belarus. Aid organizations are warning of a humanitarian catastrophe. Now the situation could relax a little: Iraq wants to fly its own citizens back home. The Iraqi government has announced the first flight to return migrants to the Belarusian-Polish […]

Rush of migrants: Kretschmer calls for fences at the EU’s external border

The number of illegal crossings at the EU’s external borders with Belarus has been increasing for months. After a meeting with the Commission President, Saxony’s Prime Minister Kretschmer speaks out in favor of a stricter pace for the Union. The border installations would have to be fortified – with walls if necessary. Saxony’s Prime Minister […]

Germany-Poland-Belarus: Seehofer: Protection of the external border legitimate

While Polish mothers are campaigning for the refugees in the border region with Belarus, Federal Interior Minister Seehofer expresses his understanding for the plan for a border barrier at the EU’s external border. With regard to the border between Poland and Germany, he announced “close-knit” controls. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has expressed understanding for […]