Public prosecutor declares Heinrich Böll Foundation an “undesirable organization” — RT DE

24 May 2022 06:00 The Russian branch of the Heinrich Böll Foundation is now classified as undesirable. It represents “a threat to the country’s constitutional order and security,” the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office announced on Monday. Source: AFP The Russian public prosecutor’s office has declared the Heinrich Böll Foundation undesirable. The agency said on Monday […]

The most important documents of the founding act of the climate foundation are missing — RT DE

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s Prime Minister Schwesig has been under criticism for some time. The stumbling block is her role in the active creative phase of the “Foundation for Climate and Environmental Protection MV”. The publication of the founding act now causes even more irritation and questions. The “Foundation for Climate and Environmental Protection MV” of the […]

Rockefeller Foundation president warns of ‘massive’ global hunger crisis — RT EN

Apr 28, 2022 12:17 p.m Rockefeller Foundation President Rajiv Shah called for debt relief and emergency aid for poorer countries to avert a “massive, imminent food crisis” looming over the Ukraine war. Source: © Gottfried Czepluch, via As a result of the war in Ukraine, exports of wheat, corn, sunflower oil and other […]

Climate Foundation MV no longer wants to support Nord Stream 2 in the future — RT DE

23 Feb 2022 5:19 pm The climate foundation Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, co-financed by Nord Stream 2 AG, no longer wants to support the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. However, the foundation will continue to fulfill its core task of anchoring climate protection as an issue in society. The former prime minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Erwin Sellering, informed […]