"Blind destructiveness": Politicians condemn violence during Köpi eviction

During the protests against the evacuation of the Berlin car camp “Köpi-Platz”, police officers are injured and vehicles are damaged. SPD top candidate Giffey and Senator for the Interior Geisel sharply criticize the riots. The mayor-designate now wants to strengthen the police. After the evacuation of “Köpi-Platz” and a subsequent demonstration, Berlin’s Senator for the […]

Only Olaf Scholz "Fig leaf": Ziemiak attacks SPD because of left alliance

In Berlin and MeckPom, after the elections, it is becoming apparent that the left will participate in the government – under the leadership of the SPD. For CDU General Secretary Ziemiak, this is proof that the left wing of the SPD is too influential. CDU Vice Klöckner senses “historical oblivion” in the SPD. The CDU […]

Final explorations on Friday: Berlin SPD sets course for red-green-red

In the state of Berlin there are signs of negotiations for a new edition of red-green-red. The SPD and the Greens have jointly decided on a third exploratory phase with the left. Tomorrow the basis should be laid for possible coalition talks. The designated governing mayor Franziska Giffey wants to continue exploring the chances of […]

Better traffic light than red-green-red: Giffey probes two threes in parallel

The Berlin Social Democrats are looking for allies in two ways. The top candidate also wants to orient itself towards the federal government. Although the Greens, the left and parts of the Berlin SPD prefer to stick to red-green-red, Giffey tends to traffic lights. The CDU is initially empty. Almost two weeks after the House […]

Federal government wants clarification: Federal returning officer apparently warned Berlin

The federal government calls for clarification after the election chaos in Berlin. Before the election, the federal returning officer warned of a loophole for fraud, according to a report. The regional returning officer had to hectically change the way postal voters were counted. After mistakes and mishaps on election Sunday in Berlin, the federal government […]

Conversation about the loser in the election: Armin Laschet, please just go!

The CDU suffers the biggest election failure since 1949, but Armin Laschet clings to power. The SPD wins in Berlin too, but the important question at “Ditt & Datt & Dittrich” is: Who is responsible for the election chaos in the capital? Even after the first projections of the federal election, it was clear: The […]

First ruling mayor: SPD also wins parliamentary elections in Berlin

After the federal election, the SPD also wins the parliamentary elections in Berlin. The party with top candidate Franziska Giffey reaches 21.4 percent after counting all voting districts and ends up in front of the Greens, who come to 18.9 percent. The CDU becomes the third strongest force, ahead of the Left. The SPD won […]

There is no triple triumph: The SPD appears to be an insecure winner

The Social Democrats are the likely election winners. A sensation, but the lead in the federal government and in Berlin is so narrow that the assembled members in the Willy Brandt House do not really know how great the joy can be. Olaf Scholz seems to feel the same way. It is the second big […]