Seehofer on Merkel: One "exceptional political athlete"

For a long time, the relationship between Horst Seehofer and Angela Merkel was anything but cordial, but the Chancellor can only say goodbye to the former CSU boss. The former Vice Chancellor Gabriel is also enthusiastic about the personal approach. Angela Merkel’s long-time companions and adversaries Wolfgang Schäuble and Horst Seehofer recognized the outgoing Chancellor […]

Vaccination rate "unacceptably low": Staff council wants mandatory vaccination for federal police

No topic polarizes as much as the compulsory vaccination. Opinions appear to be divided among the police. The vaccination rate is “unacceptably low,” complains the Federal Police’s staff council and calls on Federal Interior Minister Seehofer to act. Because vaccination rates are too low and the number of infections is rising sharply, the main staff […]

Criticism of fake news from Minsk: Seehofer: "We do not take in migrants"

After Merkel had two phone calls to the Belarusian dictator, Warsaw was angry. Federal Interior Minister Seehofer makes it clear that the Chancellor has not promised any entry of migrants from the border area. And he praised the tough stance of the Polish government. Germany will not accept any refugees stuck on the Belarusian border […]

Calls for sanctions for Belarus: situation on Poland’s border threatens to escalate

Thousands of migrants are currently believed to be in the border area between Poland and Belarus. Apparently the Belarusian security forces let the group grow in order to put further pressure on the neighboring country. The Polish government has already closed a border crossing. The situation on the Polish border with Belarus is worsening: After […]

Knife attack in the ICE: train driver is said to have opposed perpetrators

A 27-year-old attacked passengers in an ICE in the direction of Hamburg and seriously injured three men. There is still no information about his motive. However, the train driver is said to have opposed the man with a fire extinguisher. After the bloody knife attack in the ICE Passau-Hamburg, the motive of the alleged perpetrator […]

Three seriously injured: What is known about the knife attack on the ICE

In Bavaria, a Syrian attacks travelers with a knife in an ICE. Three men are seriously injured. The police overwhelmed the perpetrator. Many questions about the act are still open. An overview. What happened? In an ICE operated by Deutsche Bahn on the way from Passau to Hamburg, a man attacks several travelers while driving […]

Federal police present figures: mask opponents are increasingly attacking officials

Canceled soccer games and lower travel volumes mean that attacks on federal police officers will decline overall in 2020. Opponents of the corona measures often do not shy away from violence against officials. The authority also focuses on new migration flows. The number of attacks on federal police officers was lower than in previous years […]

But: Fewer suspects: Organized crime causes millions in damage

Despite the corona pandemic, organized criminals caused significantly more damage last year than in the previous year, according to the BKA. There is also concern about the fact that violence is being used more and more for this. However, the state is not idle and increasing the pressure. Organized crime in Germany caused economic damage […]

"The consequences are not negligible": FC Bayern counts Kimmich in the vaccination debate

Bayern sports director Oliver Kahn is not increasing the pressure on Joshua Kimmich to get vaccinated against the corona virus. Halfway through the DFB Cup game against Gladbach, he said it was “our absolute belief that our players must be vaccinated”. Sports director Oliver Kahn has underlined the position of FC Bayern in the vaccination […]