Tax return for seniors: How pensioners avoid trouble with the tax authorities

Attention pensioners: Among other things, because of the annual pension increase, you may be required to file a tax return. You can read here how to get a simplified tax return and what penalties you will face if you are late. More and more retirees have to file a tax return, often without being aware […]

Communicate live and virtually: With these tips, the hybrid meeting is a success

Hybrid meetings have been part of everyday life for many since the corona pandemic. Here are a few tips to ensure that the mix of virtual and face-to-face communication is successful. Due to the corona pandemic, remote work has become more attractive in many companies. But while some enjoy working from their own four walls, […]

Double taxation of pensions: retirees do not have to appeal

A recent letter from the Ministry of Finance reduces the bureaucracy: tax assessments remain open for the time being – with regard to double taxation of pensions. What does this mean for retirees? More and more seniors have to pay income tax on their pensions. Some fear double taxation. Proceedings are currently ongoing at the […]

Moving for the job: the tax office recognizes higher flat rates

If you move for job-related reasons, you can usually claim the expenses on your tax return. The tax authorities have adjusted the flat rates for removals from April 1st. Anyone who changes their home for work-related reasons has a good chance of reducing their income tax. “In addition to larger items such as brokerage costs, […]

Home office during a pandemic: it is easier to move away from the office

Anyone who wants to claim the costs for their home office from tax must meet clear criteria. In view of the corona pandemic, the rules for 2020 have been adjusted somewhat. In principle, expenses for a home office are tax-deductible. If the home office is the focus of the entire professional activity, an unlimited cost […]

Pay attention to the deadline and content: Objection to tax assessment?

If the tax assessment is incorrect, taxpayers can appeal. However, they do not have forever to do this. If you don’t keep to the deadline, you can’t change anything. If you discover errors in your tax assessment, you can do something about it. So you shouldn’t file letters from the tax office straight away, but […]