Court ruled on BND officials: "Kingdom of Bavaria" registered, job lost

The citizenship card is popular with Reich citizens because it is a bombproof proof of German origin. When applying for one, an employee of the Federal Intelligence Service makes an entry that is typical for Reich citizens – now he has the consequences on paper. The Federal Intelligence Service is a huge agency with thousands […]

Due to violation of the protection of minors: Several porn portals are threatened with shutdown

It is often easy for minors to consume pornography on the Internet. Many providers don’t take age verification on their sites that seriously. For those based in Cyprus, this is now the end: A Düsseldorf judgment prohibits the freely accessible content of the porn sites. Several large porn portals in Germany are threatened with a […]

Correctly measured: When it comes to apartment size, every square meter counts

According to estimates, the square meters specified in the rental agreement are incorrect for two thirds of all apartments. It can be worthwhile to measure. However, sometimes even reviewers disagree. The monthly rent and utilities depends largely on the size of the apartment. It gets annoying when tenants pay for 100 square meters, for example, […]

Save taxes: postpone the payment date of the severance payment

Those who leave their company often receive severance pay. The money counts as income and therefore has to be taxed. Tax structuring is allowed here. If an employment relationship is terminated, employees often receive severance pay. This is a fully taxable wage, explains Jana Bauer from the Federal Association of Wage Tax Assistance Associations in […]