Torture in Paraguay: German arrested after researcher murder

A German archaeologist and his 14-year-old daughter are found shot dead in Paraguay. The homicide department there has now arrested three men who are said to be involved in the alleged robbery and murder. An apartment search reveals traces of the possible mastermind. After the alleged robbery of a German researcher and his daughter in […]

Expulsion not yet implemented: West advises on reaction to Erdogan

With a grand gesture, the Turkish President declares that the ambassadors from ten Western countries are undesirable in his country. The announced expulsion is a long time coming. While some politicians are already calling for sanctions, the governments concerned are discussing how to react. With the threatened expulsion of ten ambassadors, Turkish President Recep Tayyip […]

Over 200 Afghans on board: the federal government starts another evacuation flight

The Federal Government continues to pursue its efforts to bring vulnerable Afghans to Germany. A charter flight with more than 200 people on board has now started in Pakistan. The mission remains “arduous and dangerous,” says Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. Another charter flight is on the way to Germany as part of the efforts to […]

200 people in need of protection per week: the federal government wants to evacuate local Afghan workers

When withdrawing from Afghanistan, the Bundeswehr has to leave many local staff behind. According to a report, Germany now wants to follow up on the evacuation mission and take 200 people out of the country via Pakistan every week, which is now controlled by the Taliban. The federal government wants to bring hundreds more local […]

So far 5,400 people flown out: more people evacuated from Afghanistan

The German government has come under fire for not having flown local staff out of Afghanistan before the Taliban came to power. According to the Federal Foreign Office, the evacuation operations are continuing – albeit slowly. Several hundred Germans are still in the country. So far, 5,429 people have been brought to Germany as a […]

Due to slow processing: Thousands of Afghans are waiting for a visa

More than 4,000 Afghans are on waiting lists for an application for family reunification in Germany – processing could take years. Until then, many of the people will have to live under the rule of the Taliban. The left calls on the federal government to act. Because of the slow processing of asylum applications, more […]