"You should be in bed": Ardern daughter bursts in government video

Bringing the offspring to bed in the evening is one of the real challenges for many parents. Even with New Zealand’s Prime Minister Ardern things don’t always go smoothly, as daughter Neve demonstrates in a video. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern became a mother in office. Meanwhile, daughter Neve is three years old and […]

Expensive interruption: Child benefit: when is a break from studying too long?

If children are studying or doing an apprenticeship, there is an entitlement to child benefit even after their 18th birthday. Important: If there is a break between two training phases, the entitlement can be waived, as the Federal Fiscal Court judges. Children of legal age can also be entitled to child benefit. Prerequisite: the child […]

Reduced relief amount: How to avoid single parents tax traps

Due to the increase in the relief amount for single parents, its tax effect has increased significantly. If you want to marry a new partner, you should consider which date is best for the wedding. Single parents are entitled to a tax exemption. The relief amount for single parents is granted if certain conditions are […]

Commercial providers ?: Beware of fraud when applying for child benefit

Applying for child benefit and submitting it to the family benefits office is free and there is help if you have any questions. Those entitled should avoid commercial providers here. Katja F. is annoyed. Not least about herself. The young mother, who lives with her husband and two small children in Bavaria, was caught by […]

Parental benefit reform: How to get the partnership bonus

Those who work part-time and care for the baby the other part of the time receive parental allowance plus. A partnership bonus extends the reference period. For some it is madness and a loss, for others the perfect combination of two worlds – and a financial gain: There are many reasons for and against part-time […]

On parental leave: How to secure the right to part-time work

Employees can be entitled to work part-time during parental leave. The employer usually has to agree to the request. Otherwise, an injunction can help, as a judgment shows. If you are on parental leave, you have the right to work part-time under certain conditions. This claim can be secured by an injunction. This is shown […]