Taliban appeal to international organizations for help — RT EN

A tremor jolted people along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan early Wednesday morning. Hundreds of residents are killed. The mountainous terrain makes rescue work difficult. A government spokesman has now called on aid organizations for support. Rescue work continues after the devastating earthquake in the Afghan-Pakistani border region. The authorities reported at least 1,000 […]

“Inns for terrorist organizations” – Erdoğan criticizes Finland and Sweden’s NATO accession — RT DE

Turkish President Erdoğan was critical of Sweden and Finland joining NATO on Friday. The Scandinavian countries are “guesthouses for terrorists” and that is why Turkey cannot currently see anything positive in the accession of the northern Europeans. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was critical of Finland and Sweden joining NATO on Friday. He said to […]

“Really a loss” – unions, social organizations and Die Linke criticize “pension increase” — RT DE

15 Apr 2022 2:50 p.m At first glance, the pension increase of 5.3 percent in western Germany and 6.1 percent in eastern Germany from July 1 seems quite decent. However, under the impact of the currently rampant inflation, the purchasing power of senior citizens is being weakened instead of being strengthened. Trade unions, social organizations […]

International organizations warn of global food shortages — RT EN

14 Apr 2022 4:59 p.m Four international organizations, including the United Nations World Food Program, have urged the global community to take action to ensure global food security. Several international organizations warned on Wednesday to take urgently needed measures to secure the global food supply in view of the Ukraine war, as the agencies Xinhua […]