US flies in baby food via Ramstein — RT DE

The USA has been struggling with dramatic bottlenecks in baby food for weeks. On Sunday, the US military brought infant formula to the United States via the Ramstein Air Force Base in Rhineland-Palatinate. More deliveries will follow in the next few days. Baby food has been in short supply in the US for weeks. The […]

Breaches of international law at US Air Force base Ramstein? German authorities don’t want to know — RT DE

Command, click, death? Drones that can kill are controversial. That is why there has been speculation in Germany for some time about the role of the US air force base in Ramstein in the US drone war. Peace activists and local residents are wondering if they are being killed from Germany. So far they have […]

Air Base Ramstein: US air force intelligence trained with France for emergencies

The one based at Ramstein Air Force BaseOffice of Special Investigations (OSI), the intelligence agency of the US Air Force, in January as part of a three-day “expert mission” together with the French Special agency for search, assistance, intervention and deterrence (RAID) that trains “possibly necessary” cooperation in “future real scenarios”. This is from a […]