Between hope and skepticism: How will the coal phase-out succeed by 2030?

The traffic light coalition has big plans for the energy transition. While there is at least a formal optimistic mood in companies in the West, there is enormous skepticism from Lusatia. The central question, however, will be whether politics can initiate the necessary upheavals. Helmut Badtke moved from the Ruhr area to Lusatia 30 years […]

Party is repositioning itself: Nouripour wants to be the leader of the Greens

Because Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck are taking over government posts, the Greens are looking for a new duo for the party leadership. Now there is the first candidate: The foreign and defense politician Nouripour wants to stand for election at the end of January. Foreign politician Omid Nouripour wants to become chairman of the […]

Again "Man of the year": "playboy" honors Christian Drosten

For the second time in a row, Christian Drosten can look forward to the title of “Man of the Year”. The readers of “Playboy” magazine particularly like him. Another not so well received, on the other hand, who has been talking about conspiracy myths since the beginning of the pandemic. Title defense for Christian Drosten: […]

These are his state secretaries: Habeck assigns the first important posts

As state secretaries, they will be the top officials in Robert Habeck’s super ministry: Anja Hajduk, Sven Giegold, Patrick Graichen and Udo Philipp are experts in climate and financial issues. And there is also movement in the Green parliamentary group: Katharina Dröge wants to become the new chairwoman. The designated Economics and Climate Minister Robert […]

RTL / ntv trend barometer: Merkel remains the most popular politician ahead of Scholz

While there is no movement among the parties, the weeks after the general election swirled up the political ranking. At the end of her term of office, the outgoing Chancellor once again clearly gained in reputation. But the newcomers of the month are Klingbeil and Lauterbach. If everything goes according to plan, Angela Merkel will […]

Karlsruhe on school closings: Judgment: Federal emergency brake was legal

The Federal Constitutional Court rejected constitutional complaints against the federal emergency brake in the spring. In the morning, the Karlsruhe judges announced that exit restrictions and school closings were constitutional. The school closings as well as exit and contact restrictions in the spring were constitutional. The Federal Constitutional Court announced that this morning. Accordingly, the […]

Emergency brake, lockdown, compulsory vaccination: Habeck and Esken agree to tightening

In view of the high number of infections and the fear of omicrons, stricter measures are considered safe. Green leader Robert Habeck speaks of a possible “lockdown for the unvaccinated”, SPD leader Saskia Esken excludes “nothing”. The decision from Karlsruhe on the federal emergency brake will be decisive for the resolutions. In view of the […]

With a view to Bavaria: Habeck: Wind turbine distances could tip

Robert Habeck takes over the new super ministry for economy and climate and is in the process of making the first announcements. In the direction of Bavaria, the Green politician indicates that he is critical of the “privileged” minimum distances between wind turbines and residential buildings in the Free State. The future climate protection minister […]

Losers and winners: Habeck: Who is good and why as a minister

Five ministries are to lead the Greens in the new federal government. The chairman of the Greens, Habeck, explains who is allowed to run why, who is not allowed to do it, and why Cem Özdemir will head the “most German department of all”. The Greens federal chairman and vice-chancellor-designate Robert Habeck has defended the […]