Laws enforce sustainability: the economy reacts to pressure on climate protection

The conversion to a climate-neutral economy and society is an enormous feat. How are companies positioned in this country? A study calls brake pads for resource protection, but also shows why the change has recently picked up significantly. For a long time, sustainability was considered unsexy and boring, more a topic for future generations than […]

In the end, it is legislation that decides: Green financial products do not help the climate

Many banks and fund companies now advertise with green bonds, stocks and portfolios – and more and more people are investing in sustainable financial products. However, anyone who hopes that the associated corporations will operate more environmentally friendly as a result will be disappointed. Anyone who hopes to strongly promote climate protection with green financial […]

Gas and atom are not "consistent": NGOs call on Scholz to intervene

Around 130 associations call on Olaf Scholz in an open letter to oppose the EU classification of nuclear power and fossil gas as “sustainable”. Such a classification “would undermine the EU’s climate targets”. The signatories include NABU and Greenpeace. A broad alliance of environmental associations across Europe has turned to the likely next Chancellor, Olaf […]

More possible than expected: this is how sustainability works in everyday life

Acquiring a sustainable way of life does not happen overnight. In everyday life, however, there are more starting points than you might think. Ideas from streaming to investments to scouring powder. Separating rubbish, saving electricity, taking the train: all options for living more sustainably. But environmental protection affects many more areas of life than you […]

Alnatura founder Rehn: "Are the green ant between cobblestones"

Götz Rehn has not only built up an organic supermarket chain with Alnatura since the 1980s. As an anthroposophist, he also creates a unique ecosystem, a network of organic farmers, producers and suppliers. For Germany’s model entrepreneur, less is more. He wants to “rethink the economy”. Götz Rehn is an entrepreneur who has very different […]