Tax return for seniors: How pensioners avoid trouble with the tax authorities

Attention pensioners: Among other things, because of the annual pension increase, you may be required to file a tax return. You can read here how to get a simplified tax return and what penalties you will face if you are late. More and more retirees have to file a tax return, often without being aware […]

Double taxation of pensions: retirees do not have to appeal

A recent letter from the Ministry of Finance reduces the bureaucracy: tax assessments remain open for the time being – with regard to double taxation of pensions. What does this mean for retirees? More and more seniors have to pay income tax on their pensions. Some fear double taxation. Proceedings are currently ongoing at the […]

Pay attention to the deadline and content: Objection to tax assessment?

If the tax assessment is incorrect, taxpayers can appeal. However, they do not have forever to do this. If you don’t keep to the deadline, you can’t change anything. If you discover errors in your tax assessment, you can do something about it. So you shouldn’t file letters from the tax office straight away, but […]

Get out of your clothes: who has to wash the work clothes?

In many industries, people wear work clothes. When it comes to the question of who has to take care of cleaning, it goes into detail. For example, it is also a question of whether clothing is mandatory. Overalls, chef’s jacket or hospital gown: Wherever work clothes are worn, the question always arises: Who looks after […]

Fraud with short-time work benefits: Employees are also at risk of criminal proceedings

The Corona crisis has led to a flood of short-time working that not only saved jobs, but also brought fraud with it. How companies deliberately or unconsciously cheat and why this is problematic for employees, you can find out in the article. Due to the corona pandemic, employers can apply for short-time allowance at the […]

Federal Fiscal Court ruled: double taxation of pensions not allowed?

Today is the showdown in front of the Federal Fiscal Court. The expected verdict is about nothing less than the question of whether the federal government wrongly taxed pensions twice in parts. Or more precisely, whether the conversion from the new to the old system has been translated correctly. Because this is the accusation that […]