"eyes and ears" the UN: Berlin sends warship to North Korea

With the frigate “Bayern” Germany is doing its part to monitor the sanctions of the United Nations against North Korea. For four weeks, the ship is to collect information about illegal activities in the Korean peninsula. For the first time, Germany is participating in measures to monitor UN sanctions against North Korea with a warship. […]

Oxfam complains about discrimination: complaint to UN about vaccine distribution

In view of the uneven distribution of corona vaccination doses, several organizations have lodged a complaint about discrimination with the UN. You criticize the hoarding of vaccines in wealthy countries, including Germany. The WHO also speaks of “moral failure” in this regard. Human rights organizations are convinced that the unequal distribution of corona vaccines among […]

Ethiopia is becoming too insecure: Great Britain calls on citizens to leave the country

Messenger services such as Whatsapp and Telegram have been blocked in Ethiopia since Monday evening, and the UN Security Council is watching the spreading civil war in the country with great concern. Britain urges its citizens to leave the country as soon as possible. The German government has not yet gone that far. Because of […]