Xi congratulates Putin on election victory — RT World News

Xi congratulates Putin on election victory — RT World News

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The Chinese leader says he is sure that Russia will be able to achieve even more success under the president’s continued rule

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has congratulated his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on his historic landslide victory in the presidential election, which has paved the way for his fifth term in office.

According to the Central Election Commission, with almost all ballots counted, Putin has secured 87% of the votes. Voter turnout, unprecedented in the country’s modern history, exceeded 77%.

In a letter quoted by Beijing’s foreign ministry on Monday, the Chinese leader noted that Putin’s victory is proof that he enjoys the support of the Russian people, and expressed confidence that under his leadership, Russia “will be able to make greater achievements in national development.” Xi added that China attaches great importance to vibrant bilateral ties.

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian said that Beijing hoped that Russian-Chinese cooperation “will continue to move forward” under the strategic guidance of the two residents. “China and Russia are each other’s largest neighbors and comprehensive strategic partners in the new era,” Lin added.

During his victory speech on Sunday night, Putin pointed out that Russia-China ties are a “stabilizing factor” for the entire framework of international relations, expressing hope that these bonds would be maintained, in no small part due to “our good personal relationship with the president of the People’s Republic of China.”

The two countries have for decades enjoyed close economic and political ties, with Beijing refusing to support unprecedented Western sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine conflict. The deep partnership between the two countries was further underscored by Xi’s historic visit to Moscow last March. Putin reciprocated, traveling to Beijing in October.

Xi was not the only world leader to congratulate Putin on his re-election. He was joined by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and a host of leaders from post-Soviet republics, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Western countries have not sent any congratulatory messages to Putin amid the stand-off over Ukraine, with many calling the election “unfair,” a charge denied in Moscow.

However, Leonid Sevastyanov, the head of the World Union of Orthodox Old Believers, who says he is in contact with Pope Francis, noted that the pontiff had also congratulated Putin on his landslide victory.

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