Putin addresses nation after election — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Putin addresses nation after election — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

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The Russian president has vowed to meet citizens’ expectations after receiving over 87% of the vote

The presidential election in Russia has shown that the country remains one big family, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday after securing his fifth term in office. He also thanked the voters for their unprecedented support and vowed to meet their expectations.

Earlier in the day, Russia’s Central Election Commission (CEC) officially declared Putin president-elect, announcing that he received over 87% of the vote. Last weekend’s election recorded a record-high voter turnout that exceeded 77%. Putin is scheduled to be inaugurated on May 7 for another six years in office.

In his address to the nation, Putin stressed the crucial role of the presidential race in charting the country’s course for the future, as it remains locked in the Ukraine conflict and a stand-off with the West.

He thanked all Russians who went to the polling stations, regardless of what candidate they voted for. He added that the election showed that Russia is “one big and tightly-knit family” marching “along the selected historic path” and looking forward to the future.

Putin also thanked voters for the trust they placed in him. “For me, this is more important than a formal victory in the election. This [shows] support for the political and economic course of our country, of our overall results,” he said, remarking that while those achievements could be even greater, they are already making Russia a stronger and more independent nation.

He further vowed that he would do his best to meet public expectations. “I understand that this level of trust also increases [my] responsibility to Russia, for the well-being of her people, and requires even greater commitment and efficiency from me personally and from our entire team.”

The president praised local election authorities for their excellent work. He made specific mention of officials in the former Ukrainian territories that overwhelmingly voted to join Russia in the autumn 2022, saying that they had demonstrated considerable courage.

During the three-day vote, polling stations in the frontline regions often came under Ukrainian attack. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Wednesday that those strikes were deliberate and targeted areas where only civilians were present. Both Kiev’s military and its Western advisers were well aware of this reality, he stated.

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