Man stabs priest during sermon (VIDEO) — RT World News

Man stabs priest during sermon (VIDEO) — RT World News

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The incident in Sydney, Australia comes just days after a deadly knife attack in one of the city’s malls

A bishop was stabbed during a sermon in Sydney, Australia that was being broadcast online, local media reports. The incident comes just days after another knife attack in Australia’s largest city left six people dead.

A video of Monday’s stabbing shared on social media shows the priest, named in reports as Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, being attacked while delivering his sermon. The incident is said to have taken place at Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley, a suburb of Sydney.

The footage shows the bishop speaking when a man dressed in black walks up to him and makes stabbing motions to the face and neck area. The bishop falls down as people from the congregation try to help him.

Several other people were stabbed along with the bishop, all of whom suffered non-life-threatening injuries, the media cited local police as saying. The suspect has been detained.

On Saturday, six people were killed in a stabbing attack in a shopping mall in another suburb of Sydney.

Multiple deaths in Australia mall stabbing (VIDEOS)

The attacker, identified by police as Joel Cauchi, 40, stabbed mallgoers with a long blade, causing the deaths of five women and a man. He was shot dead at the scene by police. The attack was most likely “related to the mental health” of Cauchi, the authorities said.

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