Russian region braced for major flood (VIDEOS) — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Russian region braced for major flood (VIDEOS) — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

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People living in high-risk areas must evacuate immediately, the governor of Kurgan Region has said

Russia’s Kurgan Region, located on the country’s border with Kazakhstan, is braced for a major flood as water levels are rising rapidly in the Tobol River.

Governor Vadim Shumkov urged local residents living in flood-susceptible areas of the Urals region to leave their homes immediately. In a Telegram post on Monday, he shared aerial footage of a large mass of water approaching the city of Kurgan, with flood waters now only 10km away.

The situation is being further aggravated by a separate large mass of water with an estimated volume of more than 1.3 billion cubic meters, which is heading towards the region from Kazakhstan, Shumkov explained.

“Evacuate immediately from allotment and community garden communities, flood-susceptible neighborhoods on the right bank, as well as those located before the dam on the left bank of the city of Kurgan,” he stated, urging residents not to hide from emergency workers and evacuation teams. He also warned people not to secretly return to their homes after being evacuated.

Aerial footage captured by local media shows water overflowing embankments within the city, as well as spreading across the lower right bank of the Tobol.

The river’s inlets have been overflowing as well, with some reportedly becoming clogged with debris, which further contributes to the flooding.

According to the city’s local authorities, the water levels in the Tobol River surged throughout Monday, rising by 63cm in just ten hours. As of 6pm local time, the water level of the river measured 694cm, compared to 491cm on Sunday morning.

Flooding sparks evacuations in major Russian city (VIDEOS)

The local hydro-meteorological service expects water levels to surpass dangerous levels of 700cm and 850cm within the next few days. The rising waters are expected to spread across the Tobol’s floodplain, filling oxbows and dry lakes, and affecting multiple settlements located in the area.

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