Action against wave of increases: Chaos in the energy market – what you should do

The energy supply with gas and electricity costs German households dearly. And should be even more expensive these days. What many utilities also let their customers know about price increases. In view of this wave of increases, however, the overview is sometimes lost. That’s what consumers should do. The current developments on the gas market […]

Special rules for owners: How WEG pass resolutions without a meeting

No meetings, no resolutions. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, a lot has remained in apartment owner associations. There are ways out of making a difference. Due to the corona pandemic, special statutory rules apply to apartment owners’ associations. For example, the communities are allowed to forego owner meetings. Appointed administrators remain in office […]

More money for gas and electricity: Winter is likely to be expensive

Basic suppliers have until the end of the week to announce price increases for gas and electricity at the turn of the year. Unsurprisingly, many do so, as a study shows. The energy prices for gas, oil and electricity have risen rapidly in the past few months. And many regional suppliers have announced significant price […]

Termination refused: Personal needs need good reasons

Whoever rents out his apartment cannot simply terminate tenants at will. This also applies if you want to use the apartment yourself. Because personal needs must be well justified. If owners want to use their rented property themselves, they need a good reason to give notice. The Berlin Regional Court (Az .: 65 S 344/20) […]