This time because of lack of gas? Education minister warns of canceled classes — RT DE

The fact that children in particular have suffered greatly from the Corona crisis has now been confirmed by several studies. In view of the impending gas shortage, Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger is now warning of restrictions on teaching. Even during the crisis situation in the COVID-19 pandemic, children were probably the primary sufferers. The […]

Russia’s Ministry of Education advises universities not to cooperate with Erasmus+ — RT EN

As a result of Western sanctions against Russia, calls in the country to reform the national education system are mounting. Among other things, an exit from the Bologna system is being discussed. Cooperation within the framework of the Erasmus+ program is also being questioned. Against the background of Western sanctions against Russia, the Russian Ministry […]

Russia ends participation in European higher education system — RT EN

On May 24, Russian Minister of Science and Education Valery Falkov announced the country’s exit from the two-tier Bologna higher education system, which Russia joined in 2003. The minister also informed about the further development of the education system in Russia. “The Bologna process is a thing of the past,” Falkow told the newspaper Kommersant. […]

140,000 years Ukraine? – Russian ambassador to UN on absurdities of Ukrainian education — RT DE

The permanent representative of Russia at the United Nations, Wassili Nebensya, discussed Ukraine’s current education programs in the UN Security Council. History and geography classes are doing strange things there. On the part of the state, a nationalist rewriting of Eurasian history is being pursued. In his appearance on May 12, the top Russian diplomat […]

Berlin Senator for Education stops intimate tattoo check for prospective teachers — RT DE

The Senate Department for Education in Berlin required future teaching staff to document which part of the body has tattoos and what meaning they represent for the respective person. The previously applicable procedure is now being revised. Aspiring trainee teachers in teacher training were recently asked in the federal capital to fill out a questionnaire […]