Ukrainian security authorities arrest evacuation workers from Kherson — RT EN

Russian Ministry of Defense: Kyiv is preparing to use biological weapons Documents seized during Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine confirm that the country is preparing to use biological weapons. This was said on Thursday by Dmitry Poklonsky, head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Chemical and Biological Threats Research Center. He explained: “Inspection reports on […]

Surrounded Ukrainian units ask for evacuation to third countries — RT EN

20 Apr 2022 12:18 pm The Ukrainian soldiers who remained on the premises of the “Azov-Steel” metallurgical plant did not respond to Russian offers and remained surrounded. On the other hand, they are appealing to other governments around the world and asking for evacuation to third countries. Allegedly, civilians were also surrounded with them. On […]

Macron to discuss evacuation of civilians from Mariupol with Putin — RT EN

28 mar 2022 9:53 p.m French President Emmanuel Macron plans to discuss the evacuation of civilians from the embattled Ukrainian city of Mariupol with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The city is badly affected by the war. French President Emmanuel Macron plans to speak with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in the coming days about possible […]

Moscow announces evacuation of Russian diplomats from Ukraine — RT EN

22 Feb 2022 7:56 pm The Russian Foreign Ministry has said Moscow will evacuate staff from diplomatic missions in Ukraine in the near future. Earlier, some Ukrainian politicians had called for severing diplomatic relations with Russia. On Tuesday evening, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced the evacuation of staff from diplomatic missions in Ukraine. According to […]

Head of Donetsk People’s Republic announces evacuation of population to Russia — RT EN

18 Feb 2022 2:17 pm The President of the internationally unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Puschilin announced on Friday that residents would be evacuated to Russia. According to him, the President of Ukraine will soon order his military to launch an offensive. The evacuees will be provided with everything they need, it said in an […]