“Ukrainians can shoot me tomorrow” – Western media report on “liberators” of Kherson — RT DE

24 Nov 2022 7:18 p.m An analysis by Vladislav Sankin After the withdrawal of Russian troops on the night of November 11, Western journalists flocked to the militarily contested city of Cherson, the capital of the region of the same name that Russia declared part of its territory after a referendum at the end of […]

Ukrainian security authorities arrest evacuation workers from Kherson — RT EN

Russian Ministry of Defense: Kyiv is preparing to use biological weapons Documents seized during Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine confirm that the country is preparing to use biological weapons. This was said on Thursday by Dmitry Poklonsky, head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Chemical and Biological Threats Research Center. He explained: “Inspection reports on […]

Ukrainian cheering squad in Kherson — RT DE

23 Nov 2022 8:42 p.m Videos from Kherson and the surrounding villages, in which pro-Ukrainian citizens are said to warmly welcome the fighters of the Ukrainian armed forces, are increasingly appearing on the Internet. Often with flags, a little less often with flowers. How widespread is this phenomenon, how are such videos created for Zelensky’s […]

Red Cross responds to footage of ‘collaborators’ tied to poles in Kherson — RT EN

18 Nov 2022 21:41 The International Committee has for the first time commented on footage from Kherson showing residents tied to stakes as punishment for allegedly collaborating with the Russian authorities. Such treatment, which violates human dignity, is unacceptable, according to the Committee. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has issued a statement […]

pillory, denunciation, "Slava Ukraine"-Calls – what is happening in the left Kherson?

By Vladislav Sankin It has been only four days since Russian forces left the right bank of the Kherson region. Four days since the first Ukrainian units moved into the center of the regional capital of the same name. On Monday, the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy and his entire entourage in Cherson celebrated what he […]

Podolyaka’s weekly review 07-13/11/2022 – departure from Kherson, successes at Ugledar and Artemovsk — RT DE

14 Nov 2022 5:45 p.m After withdrawing from Cherson-City and from the western, “right-bank” part of the Cherson region, the Russian troops are mainly on the offensive on the Donbass front section: they are already having success on the Soledar and Ugledar sections. In this edition of his analysis program, Yuri Podoljaka summarizes what happened […]

Ukraine won’t let journalists into Kherson amid fears of civilian shootings — RT DE

12 Nov 2022 6:25 p.m Ukraine is not allowing journalists into the settlements that have come under Ukrainian control in Kherson in recent days. The Ukrainian journalist and blogger Anatoly Shary reports on shootings and fears that the media lockout serves to cover up war crimes. Since the Russian army withdrew from Cherson in the […]

Alleged agreement to evacuate Kherson, achievements at Ugledar — RT DE

11 Nov 2022 10:43 p.m The Russian troops continued their withdrawal from the right bank of the Dnepr on the Kherson front. The highly organized and, according to previous data, lossless manner in which this happened suggests coordination between the Russian and Ukrainian armed forces. The Russian troops continued their withdrawal from the right bank […]

The three most likely scenarios after Russia’s partial withdrawal from the Kherson region — RT DE

10 Nov 2022 11:37 am The following three theories provide the most likely explanations for the recent development: Kyiv successfully pushes back Russian forces; Moscow sets its opponents a clever military trap or a partial withdrawal from the Kherson region as a condition of a ceasefire. By Andrew Korybko the announcement A statement by the […]