Security warnings to Western embassies – Serbia advises against Turkey travel — RT DE

1 Dec 2022 10:26 pm Turkey could be facing a new wave of attacks. As Ankara expands its military intervention in northern Syria and Iraq, Turkish authorities have warned of new attacks. Western embassies have apparently been advised to take precautions. Two weeks after the attack in a busy pedestrian zone in Istanbul, in which […]

US accuses NATO partner Turkey of ‘direct threat’ to US troops — RT EN

24 Nov 2022 8:37 p.m The US accuses Turkey of a “direct threat” to US troops in Syria. The Pentagon warned Ankara against “uncoordinated” actions as part of its military operation. The Turkish army recently carried out airstrikes against Kurdish positions in northern Syria. The US Department of Defense has said recent Turkish airstrikes in […]

Turkey reports first success in operation in Syria and Iraq — RT EN

22 Nov 2022 12:34 pm According to Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, almost 200 “terrorists” have been neutralized during Ankara’s offensive in Syria and northern Iraq. The Turkish army carried out airstrikes on Kurdish autonomous regions on Sunday. Air and artillery strikes by the Turkish army have “neutralized” 184 “terrorists” in Syria and northern Iraq, […]

Traffic light calls on Turkey to ‘respect international law’ — RT EN

22 Nov 2022 06:00 After Turkey launched an airstrike on Kurdish areas in northern Syria and Iraq on Sunday, Berlin called on Ankara to act “proportionately” while upholding international law. The reports of civilian casualties are “worrying”. In view of the massive air raids on Kurdish areas in northern Syria and Iraq, the German government […]