"16 years wasn’t enough": Merkel regrets unresolved conflicts with Erdogan

It should be Merkel’s last trip to Turkey as Federal Chancellor. In an interview with President Erdogan, she stressed the importance of good relationships and recognized Turkey’s role in caring for refugees. Once again, however, differences become clear. During her farewell visit to Turkey, Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed out numerous unresolved conflicts in German-Turkish relations […]

Lira sinks to a record low: Erdogan dismisses central bank staff

The Turkish president apparently has little confidence in the monetary policy stance of the central bank. Despite a cut in the key interest rate last month – probably driven by Erdogan – three central bankers now have to go at his behest. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has again interfered in the personnel policy […]

Formula 1 lessons from Istanbul: Bottas saves frustrated Hamilton

Six Formula 1 races before the season finale ousted Max Verstappen Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton from the top spot again. Sebastian Vettel risks too much, Mick Schumacher drags himself over the finish line. What conclusions does the Turkish Grand Prix allow for the title fight? Verstappen uses his chances in the world championship fight Max […]