Peruvian ‘aliens’ forensic analysis revealed — RT World News

Peruvian ‘aliens’ forensic analysis revealed — RT World News

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Alien-like specimens discovered in Peru last year are not evidence of extraterrestrial life, scientists have said

The supposed mummified remains of two alien-like figures seized by customs agents in Peru last year are not, and never were, creatures from another world, forensic analysis has revealed.

A package containing the diminutive figures and a separate three-fingered hand was discovered in the offices of the international courier DHL in Lima’s airport in October after customs authorities intercepted a shipment intended for Mexico.

Following forensic analysis of the objects conducted at the request of Peru’s prosecutor’s office, it was determined that the doll-sized figures weren’t the remains of an undiscovered species – but made from some elements a little closer to home.

“The conclusion is simple: They are dolls assembled with bones of animals from this planet, with modern synthetic glues,” forensic archaeologist Flavio Estrada, who conducted the analysis, said at a press conference in the Peruvian capital on Friday, according to the Associated Press.

He added: “They are not extraterrestrials; they are not aliens” and that the idea that the specimens originated from another planet is “totally false.”

On Friday, the prosecutor’s office declined to say who owns the objects, stating only that they were intended for delivery to a person in Mexico.

Last September, Mexican journalist – and self-described UFO expert – Jaime Massaun presented to Mexico’s Congress what he claimed to be the mummified bodies of two small specimens of extraterrestrial origin. He said they were more than 1,000 years old.

Both figures, which Massaun referred to as “non-human beings,” had small, elongated heads and three-fingered hands. He returned to the Mexican Congress in November, this time alongside a team of Peruvian doctors, and spent more than three hours presenting his case that the objects did not originate from Earth.

The presentations generated widespread media coverage but were largely dismissed as a hoax. Maussan had a similar claim debunked in 2017.

“Those who have promoted [the specimens as being aliens] have an economic interest, some other kind of interest,” Estrada said at Friday’s press conference in Lima. “What we have presented here is science, not pseudo-science.”

He did not state whether the objects discovered in the DHL office were related to those presented in Mexico last year but added his belief that the Mexican objects are also not evidence of extraterrestrial life.

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