Federal government plans to end the deployment of the Bundeswehr in Mali in 2024 — RT DE

23 Nov 2022 06:15 am France has already withdrawn its soldiers from Mali. On Tuesday, after a tug-of-war between Defense Minister Lambrecht (SPD) and the Green Foreign Minister Baerbock, who wanted to continue the operation, the federal government decided to withdraw until May 2024. According to the Federal Government, what is currently the Bundeswehr’s largest […]

Bundeswehr and infrastructure are being prepared for war on the eastern flank — RT DE

17 Nov 2022 09:42 am Inspector General Zorn wants to see the Bundeswehr prepared for a “high-intensity scenario” on NATO’s eastern border. The orientation towards a simplified transfer of troops and material to the eastern flank has been going on for a long time. Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda described the missile strike in Poland on […]

Blackouts require new cooperation between special forces of the police and the Bundeswehr — RT DE

25 Oct 2022 8:13 am The head of the special forces of the Federal Police Lindner is in favor of a reform of the German security architecture. Imminent blackouts due to cyber attacks on the power grid required improved cooperation between special forces – including the GSG 9 with the Bundeswehr. The head of the […]

Bundeswehr Iraq mission extended — RT DE

24 Oct 2022 3:39 p.m The Bundeswehr has been deployed in Iraq since 2015, at times against the opposition of the Iraqi parliament. The assignment has now been extended. The argument that this would reduce the risk of terrorism in Germany is implausible in view of the uncontrolled arms deliveries to Ukraine. Source: www.globallookpress.com © […]

Faeser warns of attacks on critical infrastructure in Germany – the Bundeswehr is practicing them — RT DE

29 Sep 2022 8:18 p.m After the acts of sabotage on the two Baltic Sea pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser warns that one must “prepare for scenarios that were hardly conceivable until recently”. Scenarios that the Bundeswehr is already practicing in the Peine district in Lower Saxony. […]

German police union opposes deployment of Bundeswehr inside — RT DE

25 Sep 2022 07:21 am In Germany, the boundaries between internal and external security are becoming increasingly blurred. For example, it is being discussed more and more frequently that the Bundeswehr should be consulted in the event of any domestic problems. The German police union has therefore now warned against a militarization of internal security […]

German Bundeswehr during “Baltic Tiger 2022” maneuvers in Estonia — RT DE

10 Sep 2022 6:45 p.m From October, the German Bundeswehr will be taking part in the NATO maneuver “Baltic Tiger 2022” in Estonia with special units. The protection of critical infrastructure and the protection of routes and troops “on the march” are practiced. Against the background of a changed security policy situation in Europe, NATO […]

Bundeswehr Inspector General Eberhard Zorn still rejects conscription — RT DE

Aug 22, 2022 4:44 p.m The war in Ukraine has also led to a debate in this country about the reintroduction of conscription. Because since the suspension of this, the Bundeswehr has been struggling with massive problems with young people. Nevertheless, Bundeswehr Inspector General Eberhard Zorn continues to reject reintroduction. Reason: Handling the equipment has […]