EU Commission draws up list of offenses for circumventing sanctions against Russia — RT EN

2 Dec 2022 8:41 pm The EU Commission sets out what will be considered a criminal offense for circumventing anti-Russian sanctions. Violators face fines and imprisonment. The Commission’s proposal has to be approved by the European Parliament and the European Council. The EU Commission has a clarification on this releasedwhich acts to circumvent anti-Russian sanctions […]

EU Commission recommends freezing billions in payments to Hungary — RT DE

30 Nov 2022 12:42 p.m Hungary must fear the suspension of EU payments worth billions. The EU Commission recommends only releasing corona aid and other funding if the Orban government “completely implements its promise to uphold the rule of law”. Despite the recent anti-corruption measures, Hungary fears that billions of euros in EU payments will […]

EU Commission calls for Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania to join the Schengen area — RT EN

16 Nov 2022 10:19 p.m The European Commission is calling for Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania to be integrated into the Schengen zone by abolishing internal EU border controls. Croatia has already been approved by the EU Parliament, but there could be dissenting votes in the case of Romania. Source: © Keith Binns The European […]

EU Commission strengthens cyber defenses and simplifies military mobility — RT EN

12 Nov 2022 12:14 pm The European Commission wants to strengthen the EU’s cyber defense capabilities. To this end, she presented a legislative initiative on Thursday, which is also intended to facilitate cooperation between the individual member states. On Thursday, the EU Commission presented a new package of measures intended to further strengthen the EU’s […]

Gloomy forecast from the EU Commission — RT DE

11 Nov 2022 4:37 pm The European Commission has updated the economic forecast for the coming year. The EU is forecast to contract and inflation to rise. Nevertheless, the labor market remains stable. The forecast for 2024 is somewhat more positive. In view of developments in Ukraine and inflationary pressures, EU Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni […]