Ukraine wants $2 billion a month from the US — RT DE

Apr 26, 2022 10:10 p.m Ukraine’s Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko has asked the US government for at least $2 billion a month in emergency economic aid. The official also said Kyiv hopes to receive another $3 billion a month from other sources. Speaking to the Washington Post, Ukraine’s Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko said Ukraine must […]

Fake news about alleged Russian invasion costs Ukraine up to USD 3 billion a month — RT DE

21 Feb 2022 1:39 p.m Because of publications about an alleged “invasion of Russia”, Ukraine loses up to three billion US dollars a month. This was stated by the country’s Presidential Office. Losses included lost investment. Inflation is also a problem. Unrecoverable losses to Ukraine from the spread of information about an alleged Russian invasion […]

Saudi war coalition against Yemen – January was deadliest month for civilians since 2016 — RT EN

11 Feb 2022 12:18 pm January 2022 was the deadliest month for civilians in severely impoverished Yemen since 2016. According to the Yemen Data Project, around 139 civilians were killed and another 287 injured by Saudi airstrikes in January. A monthly summary by the Yemen Data Project on the Saudi-led military coalition’s air war in […]

Massive, potentially dangerous asteroid flies close to Earth in a month — RT EN

5 Feb 2022 10:48 pm In early March, NASA predicts that an asteroid larger than the world’s tallest skyscraper will fly past Earth. According to the space agency, it is a potentially dangerous space rock, but remains far away by Earth standards. Asteroid 138971 (2001 CB21), whose orbit intersects Earth’s orbit, is just over a […]