Almost one percent moderate to severe vaccination side effects in participants — RT DE

28 Apr 2022 3:01 pm The topic of vaccination side effects remains in the focus of the public service media. A current article by “MDR” reports on a Charité vaccination study, the results of which contradict the information provided by the Paul Ehrlich Institute in essential points. An MDR report was broadcast on April 26, […]

“The Ukrainian side made a diplomatic mistake” — RT DE

14 Apr 2022 11:27 am After President Steinmeier was uninvited by the Ukraine, critical voices are increasing in Germany. Economics Minister and Vice-Chancellor Habeck was particularly clear. Ukrainian President Zelensky now claims he knew nothing. According to Ukrainian news agency Unian, President Vladimir Zelenskiy said on Wednesday after meeting with the presidents of Poland, Latvia, […]

Does the BKK ProVita withhold data on vaccination side effects? Involved analyst engages lawyer — RT DE

9 Mar 2022 10:15 p.m by Susan Bonath Do the corona vaccines lead to many more side effects than is publicly known? This is indicated by a data analysis on doctor visits by members of the company health insurance fund (BKK). But one prefers not to open this black box, as the following events show. […]

Board of BKK-ProVita terminated without notice after statements about vaccination side effects — RT DE

1 mar 2022 10:30 p.m According to media reports, the board of directors of BKK-PRoVita was terminated without notice – even before he was able to speak to the Paul Ehrlich Institute about his data analysis on allegedly under-recorded vaccination side effects. According to the health insurance agency, the board member of BKK-ProVita, Andreas Schöfbeck, […]

“Put on the wrong side of history” — RT DE

24 Feb 2022 21:28 In the wake of the escalating Ukraine conflict, the G7 heads of state and government have condemned Putin’s actions. NATO and the EU remain committed to doing what is necessary to preserve the integrity of the rules-based international order. In a joint statement following a virtual meeting on Thursday, G7 leaders […]

Significantly more cases of vaccine side effects than officially reported — RT DE

24 Feb 2022 12:19 pm The analysis of millions of insured data from company health insurance companies (BKK) on side effects after corona vaccinations shows significantly higher case numbers than the Paul Ehrlich Institute had published. The BKK board speaks of an “alarm signal”. The board of directors of BKK ProVita, Andreas Schöfbeck, had the […]