US recruits IS terrorists to fight in Ukraine — RT EN

Russia’s foreign intelligence agency has said the US is “actively recruiting terrorists to fight in Ukraine.” This shows Washington’s willingness to “use any means necessary to achieve its geopolitical goals”. Russia’s intelligence agency SWR said in a statement on Tuesday that, according to its intelligence, “the United States even used members of international terrorist organizations, […]

Israeli volunteers to fight alongside Ukrainian army against Russia — RT EN

Apr 28, 2022 6:15 am A video of suspected Israelis fighting for Ukraine has been circulating on social media since Sunday. The Israeli volunteers thanked “Chief Rabbi” Moshe Asman, who had already condemned Russia’s military operation. Support for Ukrainian militants from Israeli citizens dates back to 2014. A video of suspected Israelis fighting for Ukraine […]

Won’t fight inflation at all costs — RT EN

18 Apr 2022 5:14 pm On Monday, the head of Russia’s central bank commented on the consequences of western sanctions. According to her, a difficult period of structural change is beginning for the country’s economy. At the same time, the Russian banking system is “steady on its feet.” The Russian economy is entering a difficult […]

Russia is Beijing’s most important partner in the fight against US hegemony — RT EN

27 mar 2022 11:30 am The US would like to sow discord between Russia and China. In an opinion piece, an influential Chinese journalist explains why, from Beijing’s perspective, it is not a wise move to separate from Russia, if only for reasons of power politics. The former editor-in-chief of the Chinese party-affiliated newspaper Global […]

12 Russian special police officers reportedly fired after refusing to fight in Ukraine — RT EN

25 mar 2022 1:47 p.m Several members of the Russian special police OMON are said to have refused to go to Ukraine to take part in hostilities there. They were fired and now want to take legal action. At least that’s what human rights activist Pavel Chikov said. Source: AFP © VASILY MAXIMOV According to […]