Gas oversupply may threaten from 2030 — RT DE

11 Nov 2022 10:48 am The energy crisis could lead to a curious effect from 2030: Since many countries are now very quickly relying on climate-damaging liquefied gas, they are using it to boost production. And because there is a tendency to produce more than is needed, there could be an oversupply of gas from […]

Iran-Russia ties threaten entire world — RT EN

21 Oct 2022 5:11 pm While military cooperation between Iran and Russia angers the West, the EU and the US continue to supply arms to Ukraine. Israeli Prime Minister Lapid is now claiming that Russian-Iranian military cooperation is “endangering the whole world.” Israeli Prime Minister Jair Lapid described relations between Iran and Russia as a […]

Did Ursula von der Leyen want to threaten the Italians before their election on Sunday? — RT DE

23 Sep 2022 8:48 p.m After a statement by the President of the EU Commission on the upcoming elections in Italy, she was met with criticism from Italian politicians. Matteo Salvini from the right-wing national Lega accused her of “shameful arrogance”. Forza Italia’s Antonio Tajani sees von der Leyen’s testimony as interference. At an event […]

Gulf states threaten Netflix with ban — RT EN

8 Sep 2022 7:58 p.m Saudi Arabia and five other Gulf Council member states are bothered by several films and series on the Netflix streaming service. Because of the violation of Islamic values, the platform is now threatened with a ban in these conservative countries. In a joint communiqué on Tuesday, the six member states […]

Dramatic increases in energy prices and inflation threaten craft businesses in Germany — RT DE

Aug 1, 2022 6:15 am Craft President Wollseifer paints a bleak picture for craft companies in Germany. Many companies will not be able to continue to exist if costs remain as high as they have been up to now. In addition, there are “complete production failures” caused by a lack of material. Hans Peter Wollseifer, […]

Unequal payouts threaten in the workforce — RT DE

The nursing staff in Brandenburg clinics threatens to largely get nothing from this year’s payments of the Corona nursing bonus. Facilities and staff must meet clearly defined requirements. The service union Verdi criticizes the legal regulations. The federal government plans to distribute one billion euros to the individual federal states so that employees in the […]