Von der Leyen’s vaccine deal with Pfizer is a bad joke — RT DE

Anti-Russian sanctions, the large redistribution of taxpayers’ money during the Corona crisis and the ECB’s money printing: EU citizens are currently being presented with the bill in full. In Brussels, on the other hand, billions are being happily invested in questionable deals. Transparency? Democratic legitimacy? Damages? resignations? Where are you thinking! by Kaspar Sachsen Whether […]

The Bad News War — RT DE

A ghost is haunting Germany. It is the specter of pessimism, fear, the specter of alarmism and panic. The psychological consequences are likely to be serious, and the fact that they have only clearly appeared peripherally so far does not make things any better. by Tom J Wellbrock For years we were told that we […]

Bad karma? US comedienne cracks jokes about unvaccinated people and falls on stage — RT EN

10 Feb 2022 3:29 pm US comedian Heather McDonald collapses during a show. The result is a fractured skull. Spicy: She falls to the ground right after making jokes about the unvaccinated and unboosted. And the audience applauds, assuming it’s a show. Is that called bad karma? Like the US portal TMZ reported, comedian Heather […]

Porn Comic Shooting Game Starring Hitler – Bad in All Aspects According to Media — RT DE

27 Jan 2022 1:46 pm After “Sex with Stalin”, another computer game has now been released that deals with fictional sex with a high-ranking politician from the time of the Second World War. According to the media, “Sex with Hitler” is even worse than the name suggests – almost an achievement. The appearance of the […]