Putin reaches agreement on traffic offenses with Belarus — RT EN

11 Apr 2022 10:38 pm Russian President Putin has instructed the Interior Ministry to reach an agreement with Belarus on mutual recognition and enforcement of decisions on traffic offences. This was initiated by the Russian government. Russia has agreed with Belarus to mutually recognize judgments relating to violations of traffic regulations and to carry out […]

Belarus buys natural gas for Russian rubles – ruble resists sanctions — RT EN

5 Apr 2022 8:59 p.m Belarus switched its payments for natural gas to Russian rubles in April. The new conditions should become more lucrative for the country. Meanwhile, EU diplomacy chief Josep Borrell admits that the ruble is resisting Western sanctions well. The Russian energy giant Gazprom has already contractually agreed with Minsk that Russian […]

NATO, US wait for Belarus to join Russia’s special operation — RT EN

22 mar 2022 10:13 p.m CNN claims NATO and US are waiting for Belarus to soon join Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. According to the broadcaster, the Belarusian authorities are allegedly already preparing the ground to “justify” their participation. US broadcaster CNN has quoted unnamed US and NATO officials as saying the alliance understands Belarus […]

Russia and Belarus banned from upcoming Beijing Paralympics — RT EN

3 mar 2022 10:18 am The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced that Russia and Belarus are not allowed to take part in the Winter Paralympics in Beijing because of the Ukraine war. The games start on Friday. On Wednesday, the International Paralympic Committee decided that Russian and Belarusian athletes would be allowed to compete under […]