Large corporations pay 15 percent: G20 approve reform for global minimum tax

The G20 finance ministers have decided to gradually dry up tax havens. At a meeting they pass a corresponding reform for 136 countries. Finance Minister Scholz celebrates the declaration as a success. New rules will apply as early as 2023. At the meeting of the 20 leading industrialized and emerging countries (G20), the finance ministers […]

Study by the Ifo Institute: That could bring in the global minimum tax

Federal Finance Minister Scholz speaks of a special moment: The global minimum tax for large companies is to be announced in Washington. Calculations by the Munich-based Ifo Institute show what income the new regulation could bring to Germany. With the planned global minimum tax for large companies, Germany can hope for revenues of around five […]

Short trip to Washington: Scholz is "sure government is in place by Christmas"

With the White House behind him, SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz declares in Washington that the traffic light explorations can be ended by December. His trip to the USA, however, has a completely different reason. SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz has shown himself confident that the negotiations for the formation of a new federal government […]

6000 ID cards per day: Taliban are again distributing passports to Afghans

New hope for the German local workers who are still stuck in Afghanistan: The Taliban are now issuing passports again. This makes it easier to leave the country. French President Macron is considering recognizing the Taliban government – under certain conditions. Afghanistan wants to issue passports to its citizens again. This should make attempts to […]

"Confrontation would be a catastrophe": Biden and Xi are talking to each other again

The two largest economic powers in the world, the USA and China, approach each other: President Biden and President Xi discuss their competition and their responsibility for the entire world over the phone. It remains to be seen whether there is an actual approximation. In their first phone conversation in seven months, US President Joe […]

Plan G20 countries "Pact of Rome": Federal government wants to donate 100 million vaccine doses

The health ministers of the G20 countries are currently meeting in Rome to discuss how to proceed with the corona pandemic. Italy wants to determine the worldwide distribution of vaccines in a joint pact. Federal Minister of Health Spahn has already promised a comprehensive donation. Germany wants to make 100 million vaccine doses available in […]

Blocking several states: G20 countries reject stricter climate targets

The leading industrial and emerging countries are responsible for 80 percent of all global emissions. But at a meeting of the G20 environment ministers, several refuse to aim for the 1.5 degree target earlier. However, positive signals are also emanating from the difficult negotiations. The ministers responsible for the environment, climate and energy of the […]

After resistance from Washington: EU puts plans for digital tax on hold

The breakthrough in the global minimum tax makes it easier for the EU Commission to put a highly controversial project on the back burner. The planned digital tax would have hit large US companies in particular. The headwind from Washington is correspondingly fierce. In view of the latest progress on the way to a global […]