Siren system and steel industry hacked — RT EN

The cyber war between Israel and Iran seems to have reached a new level of escalation. After Iranian hackers attacked a siren system in Jerusalem, Iran soon reported a massive cyber attack on the country’s steel industry. The cyber war between Israel and Iran seems to have reached a new level of escalation. Defense Secretary […]

“Azov” Nazis at Mariupol Steel Plant surrender – media martyr campaign fails — RT EN

The Nazi “Azov” battalion has not yet been canonized, although the Pope has already prayed for the troops stuck in Mariupol. But with their capitulation, the media martyr campaign hoped for in the West and in Ukraine is passé, which also affects the morale of the Ukrainian army. A commentary by Andrei Rudenko “Azov” surrendered!!! […]

Azov Nazis at Mariupol Steel Plant accuse Kyiv of failing to prepare defenses of Mariupol — RT DE

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky announced at a press conference after meeting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on May 8 that Mariupol cannot yet be “liberated” by military means as Ukraine lacks heavy weapons: “It is impossible to lift the blockade of Mariupol militarily. That is impossible today. These are not just thoughts – these […]

Russian troops destroy positions of Ukrainian forces at Azov steel plant — RT EN

3 May 2022 3:22 p.m Today, Azov Battalion fighters and Ukrainian soldiers tried to break into the firing position during the ceasefire at the Azov Steel Plant in Mariupol. Russian forces and DPR forces then opened fire. Source: Sputnik © Alexei Kudenko Fighters from the Azov nationalist battalion and Ukrainian troops have used the ceasefire […]

“When does an escape corridor open?” Azov regiment presents civilians in “Azov Steel” bunker — RT EN

24 Apr 2022 9:51 pm In a video, the nationalist Azov regiment of the Ukrainian armed forces showed several dozen civilians in a safe bomb shelter of the surrounded “Azov-Stahl” metallurgical plant. They talked to the camera as if there were no evacuation options for them. On Saturday, the YouTube channel “Azov-Media” posted a 10-minute […]