Prick or wait ?: What parents need to know about child vaccination

The corona vaccination campaign for children under the age of twelve is already rolling in many countries. It could also start soon in Germany. According to the EMA, the Biontech vaccine is effective and safe. So should you vaccinate your children? The most important questions and answers. In the United States, more than two million […]

Dispute over inheritance: waiver of compulsory portion can be valid

In the event of inheritance, children are entitled to a compulsory portion. You can also waive this right. Caution: If you explain the waiver of the compulsory portion too quickly, you may end up getting nothing. Heirs can waive their compulsory portion. In order for this waiver to be effective, it usually has to be […]

Feelings of Guilt and Speechlessness: Miscarriage – Still a Taboo Topic

Advice is given to many women who lose their child in pregnancy and are desperate: look ahead. But that is rarely consoling. In addition, many parents often do not talk about an experienced miscarriage. Understandable – but exchanging ideas with others can help with processing. An expectant look at the ultrasonic monitor. But there is […]

Autumn can come: this is how it works with children’s sickness benefit

If it gets colder, your nose often runs. Since Corona, children usually have to stay at home. But how do parents regulate childcare when the days of childhood illness are limited? Autumn is the time of the sniffles. But while a runny nose used to be no reason to keep the child at home, this […]

Information about estate values: When the compulsory portion causes trouble

A disinherited daughter can demand her compulsory portion. She then has a statutory right to information. But what information has to be in the notarial estate register for the Oder accounts? With a so-called Oder account, a testator can ensure that, in the event of death, a co-account holder will receive the entire savings balance […]

Expensive interruption: Child benefit: when is a break from studying too long?

If children are studying or doing an apprenticeship, there is an entitlement to child benefit even after their 18th birthday. Important: If there is a break between two training phases, the entitlement can be waived, as the Federal Fiscal Court judges. Children of legal age can also be entitled to child benefit. Prerequisite: the child […]

Reduced relief amount: How to avoid single parents tax traps

Due to the increase in the relief amount for single parents, its tax effect has increased significantly. If you want to marry a new partner, you should consider which date is best for the wedding. Single parents are entitled to a tax exemption. The relief amount for single parents is granted if certain conditions are […]