All Ukrainian nuclear power plants shut down — RT EN

Russian anti-aircraft guns shoot down five Ukrainian drones over the Black Sea and near Sevastopol Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov has the daily frontline overview on Wednesday announced. The Russian army continues its offensive on the front near Donetsk. More than sixty Ukrainian soldiers were killed there and five armored fighting vehicles were destroyed. […]

All three nuclear power plants to continue operating until April 2023 — RT DE

18 Oct 2022 8:47 am After weeks of dispute between the Greens and the FDP, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has now remembered his authority to issue guidelines and declared that the three remaining nuclear power plants should continue to run until April 15, 2023. He communicated this in a letter to the responsible ministries. Source: […]

Continued operation of the nuclear power plants would reduce the price of electricity — RT DE

8 Oct 2022 7:41 pm A new report puts Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck in trouble: Nuclear power plants could depress electricity prices far more than other energy producers. Habeck had previously claimed the opposite. The continued operation of the nuclear power plants has been discussed again and again in recent months, but so […]

Saxony’s prime minister wants to keep nuclear power plants online for “5, 10 or 15 years longer” — RT DE

24 Sep 2022 1:19 p.m For Michael Kretschmer it is clear “that we cannot do without Russian gas”. However, the solution proposed by Economics Minister Habeck to continue operating some German nuclear power plants for a short time is not enough. “Everyone who can be reactivated” would have to go back online. In view of […]

Operator considers backup operation of nuclear power plants to be “technically unfeasible” — RT DE

7 Sep 2022 2:27 p.m More information coming soon… By blocking RT, the EU aims to silence a critical, non-pro-Western source of information. And not only with regard to the Ukraine war. Access to our website has been made more difficult, several social media have blocked our accounts. It is now up to all of […]