How politics and agribusinesses mask ‘hunger for profit’ in wartime — RT DE

30 years ago, the physicist and winner of the alternative Nobel Prize, Dr. Vandana Shiva, in India the international environmental organization Navdanya (in English: Nine Seeds) with the aim of defending seed and food sovereignty worldwide and protecting small farmers. Navdanya promotes a new paradigm for agriculture and economics. In the aspired culture with food […]

Does Germany want to profit from the fall of Ukraine? Ex-President Medvedev criticizes Scholz — RT DE

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has sharply attacked Chancellor Olaf Scholz. In an article entitled “Ukrainized liver sausage,” he writes that Scholz is pursuing a line of escalation in the Ukraine conflict for neo-imperialist motives and Germany’s economic interests, at the end of which there will be no more Ukraine. Russia’s ex-president and longtime head […]

Pharmaceutical group BioNTech reports net profit of more than ten billion euros – RT DE

31 mar 2022 06:15 am Last year, around 2.6 billion doses of the Corona vaccine from BioNTech were delivered worldwide. For the group, this resulted in a profit of 10.3 billion euros. Sales amounted to 19 billion euros. Source: © Boris Roessler/dpa The pharmaceutical company BioNTech from Mainz made a net profit of 10.3 […]

BioNTech supplier Merck increases profit by 17 percent to 6.1 billion euros — RT DE

4 mar 2022 06:45 am Strong sales growth due to the cooperation with vaccine developers and manufacturers as well as the electronics business with semiconductor materials brought the Merck company record sales – with an increase of a good 12 percent to almost 19.7 billion euros. Due to outstanding results in the business of the […]