Why Greater Hungary on Viktor Orbán’s scarf makes Ukraine and Romania so nervous — RT EN

25 Nov 2022 2:04 p.m By Daria Volkova Viktor Orbán’s gesture in support of the Hungary national football team became an international scandal. Ukraine and Romania were outraged that Orbán appeared at the game wearing a scarf depicting the borders of “Greater Hungary”. What are the real reasons for such a reaction, and what implications […]

EU Commission calls for Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania to join the Schengen area — RT EN

16 Nov 2022 10:19 p.m The European Commission is calling for Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania to be integrated into the Schengen zone by abolishing internal EU border controls. Croatia has already been approved by the EU Parliament, but there could be dissenting votes in the case of Romania. Source: Gettyimages.ru © Keith Binns The European […]

Romania calls for increased NATO contingent in country ‘in the long run’ — RT EN

Romanian foreign minister has said NATO should increase its contingent in the country and extend its stay. This will help confirm “the strategic importance” of the Black Sea region. The NATO bloc already has 5,000 soldiers in the country. Romania would like to increase the number of NATO troops on its territory and extend their […]