“There shouldn’t be any acceleration” — RT EN

According to the former commander of the Russian Airborne Forces, the “demilitarization” of Ukraine could take five to ten years. The Russian military must carry out its tasks in peace. This is a difficult undertaking, since the “collective West” wants to prolong the confrontation. In a big one on YouTube published In an interview, Colonel-General […]

Can a Jew have anything to do with Nazism? Why Zelenksiy’s heritage shouldn’t be an excuse — RT EN

By Sergei Strokan Russia’s ongoing special operation in Ukraine, whose primary objective is to denazify the country, has found an unexpected echo in Israel, the Jewish state whose establishment on May 14, 1948, preceded the Nazi extermination of millions of Jews during the Holocaust. Israel’s relations with Russia, which have been particularly trusting and solid […]

“Germany shouldn’t get involved in this war” — RT DE

The comedian and cabaret artist Serdar Somuncu had criticized the Corona measures and then deleted his accounts on all social networks. Most recently, he criticized German arms deliveries to Ukraine. In a detailed interview for the “Berliner Zeitung” he summarized his convictions. The cabaret artist Serdar Somuncu has in one interview with the Berliner Zeitung […]