Will Germany follow the Netherlands? Farmer protests imminent — RT DE

More and more regulations from Brussels and Berlin are reducing the supply and making the work of farmers in Germany more difficult: “measures” for “climate protection” and the planned conversion to organic products are causing resentment to grow. Concrete protest actions are now planned. the ongoing peasant protests in the Netherlands due to state expropriation […]

Massive peasant protests in the Netherlands escalate as police and army react irritably — RT DE

The Netherlands is currently experiencing the massive protests. Farmers demonstrate against government plans to reduce nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions. The distribution centers of several supermarket chains were blocked. In the meantime, the fishermen have joined. The Netherlands does not come to rest and continues to experience impressive mass protests by affected farmers across the […]

The Netherlands are also going back to coal — RT DE

After Germany and Austria, the Netherlands have now also decided to increasingly rely on coal for their energy supply. The Dutch energy minister pointed this out when he lifted the corresponding production restrictions for coal-fired power plants. Rob Jetten, the Dutch climate and energy minister, has announced that his country will lift all restrictions on […]