Serbian government and Kosovo reach agreement on license plate dispute — RT EN

24 Nov 2022 21:18 With the mediation of the EU, Belgrade and Pristina have reached an agreement in the dispute over license plates in the breakaway province. According to Brussels, politicians in Kosovo will stop “further actions” to abolish the number plates issued by Belgrade. An agreement reached in Brussels late on Wednesday could ease […]

Free trade agreement with Canada – German government plans to ratify CETA — RT DE

14 Nov 2022 7:53 p.m The CETA free trade agreement is due to be ratified this month. Critics have long seen shortcomings in labor law and environmental protection, among other things. In addition, the private-law arbitration enshrined therein threatens to further undermine democracy in the participating states. According to a press release by the Federal […]

Alleged agreement to evacuate Kherson, achievements at Ugledar — RT DE

11 Nov 2022 10:43 p.m The Russian troops continued their withdrawal from the right bank of the Dnepr on the Kherson front. The highly organized and, according to previous data, lossless manner in which this happened suggests coordination between the Russian and Ukrainian armed forces. The Russian troops continued their withdrawal from the right bank […]

Stop tolerating Pristina for non-compliance with international agreement — RT EN

9 Nov 2022 3:39 p.m Pristina’s financiers are showing for the first time their intention to get Kosovo to comply with the international agreements that are binding and signed by it. The so-called Brussels Agreement of 2013 has been a “dead letter on paper” for almost nine years. Because the Albanians, emboldened by the support […]

No agreement on the oil price cap — RT DE

26 Sep 2022 3:30 p.m The EU Commission tried at the weekend to push through the next package of sanctions against Russia. The reason should be the referendums; the oil price cap desired by the USA is the central proposal. But Cyprus and Hungary are said to have resisted. At the weekend, the EU Commission […]